Bokaro Power Supply Company Pvt. Ltd. (BPSCL) established in 2001 a Joint Venture Company of Steel Authority of India Ltd.(SAIL) and Damodar Valley Corporation (DVC) and is engaged in power and steam generation and supplies power and steam (at various pressures) to SAIL’s Bokaro Steel Plant (BSL) located at Bokaro for meeting the process requirement of BSL.

The Company

Bokaro Power Supply Company Pvt. Ltd.(BPSCL) came into being on 18.9.2001 under Companies Act 1956 as a part of Steel Authority Of India Limited(SAIL) Business Reconstruction and Restructuring Plan and with intent to strenghten its core business activity (i.e steel manufacturing). SAIL has assigned its entire business as a going concern pertaining to the Capacity of steam generation 660 T/hr. of BSL by the deed of transfer and assignment of business.

BPSCL become a joint venture of SAIL and Domodar Valley Corporation (DVC) on acquisition of shares by DVC. DVC and SAIL agreed to participate in the equity share of BPSCL in 50:50 ratio.

In terms of the Shared Facilities & Support Services Agreement (SF&SSA) entered between BPSCL and SAIL will share their facilities for the smooth operation of BSL and BPSCL power plant. BPSCL shall provide soft water treatment plant and feed water for washing of steam besides other facilities; and BSL shall provide raw water, circulating water, start-up power, effluent treatment and hot gases from blast furnace, coke oven, and converter besides other facilities viz. locomotives, township facilities, security services, fire tender services, dozer, workshop facilities etc.

BPSCL Highlights in 2016-17

  • Best daily generation of 240 MW achieved for the day 2nd March,2017
  • Best monthly generation of 215 MW achieved for March,2017
  • Cost of Power (excluding cost of gases) reduced from Rs. 4.00 to Rs. 3.80.
  • Repair and re-commissioning of TG2 successfully completed and TG2 synchronized on 26-02-2017.
  • Achieved zero reportable accident in the year.