Philosophy Of BPSCL

At BPSCL, the HR philosophy puts ‘people first’ approach for achieving sustainable growth, and is founded on the four building blocks namely Competency Building, Commitment Building, Culture Building and System Building. People processes and practices, therefore, comprise the core of HR policy aligned with the business policy.

The company invests in people development on a consistent basis. Employees are deputed to a variety of training and competency development programmes to build and sustain desired level of collective knowledge asset. Ample opportunities and encouragement is also provided to them to participate in Seminars, Workshops, Management Games, Quizzes, Professional Circles, Quality Circles etc.

Opportunities are also provided for Higher Studies, Job rotation and Skill upgradation to help employees achieve professional as well as organizational goals. Employees are empowered to exhibit their professional competence and a healthy work environment is ensured for all.

BPSCL has developed strong welfare and social security systems leading to high level employee engagement and commitment. BPSCL offers good quality -of -life through various cultural, recreational and health rejuvenating programmes organized round the year.